What you need to know

What you need to know


The Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea is not interested in having large numbers of people. It only takes students who its contacts suggest will benefit from training and are prepared to put in the hours. Candidates are carefully selected beforehand with various inner and outer tests.


This path is not for everyone, and it is a fact of life that few complete the outer order for a variety of reasons. Those who do enter the second order are not the same people who started this path and have had to make many different changes and sacrifices in their lives.


We do not have any fully functional temples working outside Rome at present, nor is it likely that we will have any temples operating outside Europe for some time. This situation might change.



MOAA charges no fees, although rarely students have been asked to chip in small amounts of money for various projects. Students must buy text books (which are produced at cost) and will find themselves having to buy other books during their study. The largest cost they face is the trip to Rome for initiations.



In addition to the course work, and workshops when they come to Rome, students have their questions answered on Skype or by email.



Anticums are local public events organised by MOAA members in area. They can be practical workings or lectures on magic. They are organised on an ad-hoc basis and may or may not be a regular thing depending on the desire of the local members.



MOAA members are obliged to take an oath. One of the clauses requires them to not to discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, sex, gender or sexual preference, race or religion.


Golden Dawn and other Groups

In most respects MOAA is a traditional Golden Dawn group. However there are differences which precludes it from being within the modern Golden Dawn egregore.


While happy to work with those with other groups ,MOAA does not offer grades or recognition to anyone who has not been through its system and earned its grades.


Anyone interested in setting up a MOAA temple will have to work their way through the Order and part the way through the Second Order before that step can be considered.


Most of our members are involved in other esoteric systems, however these must not clash with their MOAA training or initiations.



Dispite being based in Italy, all rituals and coursework are in English.


Inner and Outer

Unlike many Golden Dawn groups, there is a strong emphasis on Inner Work and pathworking. Understanding this approach is important and if you want more information on what this means you should consult Magical Imagination by Nick Farrell.

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