Order Work


This is divided into Outer and Inner Order work:


The Outer Order


The Outer Order consists of five grades: The Neophyte which connects the student to the Order's contact and to prepare their sphere of sensation for spiritual work: Four elemental Grades which introduce the student to the elemental powers and enable them to integrate them within their psyche. In MOAA additional studies involve the Mysteries of Gaia, Hekate, Thoth-Hermes and Venus


This work requires extensive study and regular daily practical work. Students are also required to study Kabbalah and the traditional Golden Dawn curriculum.


The outer order takes at least three years to complete. The student will be obliged to travel to a Magical Order of Aurora Aurea Temple for their initiations but will be encouraged to attend other events.


The Second Order


The Second Order is divided into two parts. The first part is where the student attempts to obtain a contact of their own and to develop the basic skills of the Golden Dawn system. While the outer order is more theoretical, the Second Order is more experience orientated working under guidance.


Students follow the Golden Dawn Second Order material and start to supplement it with their own research and experiments. This work is shared among their colleagues within Second Order so that techniques can be tested.



The Work of the Order


The Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea aims to train a generation of practical magicians who are particularly interested in pushing back the boundaries of magical experience. It follows the teachings and approach of the esoteric writer Nick Farrell


MOAA uses traditional methods of training and initiation developed by the Order of the Golden Dawn to balance out the student and gradually introduce them to magical energies and experiences. Unlike the Golden Dawn, it is not especially Christian, but religiously eclectic with the student encouraged to find their own spiritual path through the teaching. There is a greater emphasis on the symbolism of Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Its work involves "inner" and "outer" activities.

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